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Engagement costs average US$30K – US$40K, depending on range of services required by our clients.



With first-hand experience of the Singapore real estate market, Asia Property Consultants are ideally placed to offer honest, practical and potentially cost-saving advice to international property investors. The following information will help you determine whether Singapore real estate is the optimum investment strategy to fulfill your objectives:


As one of the most attractive cities to live in Asia, Singapore real estate investment is popular among global investors.

Mercer Human Resource Consulting consistenly rates Singapore as one of the world's top quality locations for living. It was rated the world's 28th most livable country in the 2011 IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook.

To support real estate investment, Asia Property Consultants offers relocation services including tours of local services, Singapore schools, supermarkets, transport, and all other amenities you need to live comfortably and happily. Singapore's large expat populations means you can find almost anything from home here.

Under the same survey, Singapore ranked number one as the city with the best infrastructure in the world.

Overview of Asia Property Consultants Singapore Real Estate Services


Since economic indicators are continuously changing, international entrepreneurs and property investors should be constantly aware of the current economic siuation. Thus, the following Singapore economic factors should be taken into consideration.

i) Exports - Singapore's non-oil domestic exports rose 29% year-on-year based on April 2010 data, better than the 26% forecast.

ii) Economic growth - Singapore economy grew by 15.5% on a year-on-year basis in Q1 2010 and 38.6% on quarter-on-quarter seasonally adjusted basis. Real GDP growth for 2010 is forecasted to between 7.0 to 9.0%.

iii) Inflation - Housing prices, a large part of CPI, fell by 0.6 % in March 2010 due to lower service and conservancy charges (S&CC).

International entrepreneurs and property investors buy Singapore real estate for the following reasons:

i) As residential real estate for entrepreneurs living in or relocating to Singapore;

ii) As commercial real estate to support your business activities in Singapore; and

iii) For property investment to enhance global assets.
Foreigners are permitted to purchase Singapore real estate, and thereafter benefit from selling Singapore real estate. Singapore real estate investors pay an annual property tax based on rental income, payable by the owner regardless of where in the world they live and regardless of nationality.

DTZ's 2011 Cost of Occupancy Report ranks countries according to the costs of running an office in a country as compared to global property values. The strongest average annual growth through 2015 is forecasted in Asia Pacific, with Singapore as a key regional player. This is due to strong economic recovery in Singapore compared to other global markets. The property market here has been deemed to have moved from a renter's to tenant's market. Because rents and property values are due to increase steadily and strongly over the next five years, it is an excellent time to own Singapore property.
Asia Property Consultants independently assists international property investors to effectively and efficiently manage all aspects related to the purchase and sale of Singapore real estate. Our Firm draws upon the latest residential and commercial real estate market information, enabling us to offer honest, reliable opinions on i) Singapore real estate cycles, ii) the current and future outlook for Singapore real estate, and iii) expected interest rate and currency movements and their impacts on Singapore real estate. In addition to our own experiences, our sources include statistics and forecasts from reliable, reputable sources including the Singapore Economic Development Board, the Urban Redevelopment Authority, the Land Transport Authority and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
Under the Singapore Economic Development Board's (EDB) initiative, the Global Investor Programme (GIP), foreigners buying Singapore real estate obtain Permanent Residence (PR) if they invest a minimum of S$2 million (US$1.3 million).
Asia Property Consultants will appoint and supervise a local lawyer to assist with the purchase or sale of Singapore real estate. Furthermore, we advise on the strength of local laws to protect asset ownership (including Singapore real estate) by foreign investors.
Because the Singapore's economy is in growth, financial support is easier to obtain than previously experienced during the global credit crunch. Asia Property Consultants will assist you to obtain property finance of up to 80% of the valuation or purchase price of Singapore property, whichever is lower, according to Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) guidelines. Interest rates from Singapore banks are available as low as 2% - 3%. Asia Property Consultants works with leading international banks in Singapore to obtain housing loans for clients, including ANZ Bank, DBS Bank and OCBC Bank.
Our firm will organise property valuations for a prospective Singapore real estate purchase, including arranging inspections, surveys and valuations.
The completion of major projects such as the Integrated Resorts and Marina Bay Financial Centre have had a positive effect on business in Singapore and on the confidence of investors.
Singapore ranks 14th in global ranking of retail rent, according to CB Richard Ellis’ (CBRE) latest Global Retail Market View.
Singapore ranks as having the 16th most transparent real estate market in the world, according to the 2010 Global Real Estate Transparency Index. The level of transparency in a market is important to consider when transacting, owning and operating in foreign markets.

According to the Urban Redevelopment Authority, property rentals and prices in 2010 increased for all Singapore property types:

Residential: +17.6%: The prices of private residential properties are not uniform and vary from project to project, but for 2010 residential property prices had increased by 17.6%, compared with the 1.8% rise in 2009.

Office: +18.9%: Prices for office space increased 18.9%. Rentals for office space, based on leases which had commenced, increased by 12.6%.

Shop: +8.6%: Prices of shop space increased increased by 8.6% for the year. The overall rentals for shop space in Singapore, based on leases which had commenced, increased by 2.9%. The median rental for shop space in the Orchard Planning Area (Orchard), Rest of City Area (RCA)14 and Outside City Area (OCA) based on all rental contracts signed as ofQ4 were $10.42, $6.62 and $5.60 psf pm respectively.

Industrial: +23.7%: For the year 2010 as a whole, prices had increased by 23.7% and rentals had increased by 11.7%.

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