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Historically, Australia real estate cycles last around seven years peak to peak. After a stalling of house prices in 2004, overall prices indices have continued rising despite the global economic downturn. Some commentators believe the market is a ‘bubble’ and that properties are overpriced, which might be the case compared to wage growth, but demand for Australia real estate still outstrips supply. The following will help you determine whether Australia real estate is the optimum strategy to fulfill your international investment objectives:


Real estate is a popular investment for Australians. However, the global financial climate and economic downturn have had a dramatic effect on sentiment in the residential and commercial property markets in Australia. Constraints on finance, tightened lending criteria from banks for property finance and an increase in interest rates by the Reserve Bank of Australia in an effort to curb increased inflationary pressure all look set to impact Australia real estate markets in 2009.

Overview of Asia Property Consultants Australia Real Estate Services


Australia's quality of living is admired around the world and is a contributing factor to the appeal of Australia real estate and migration to Australia. Mercer Human Resource Consulting rated Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in the top 5 cities within the Asia Pacific for living standards in its 2010 Quality of Living Survey. Sydney was ranked 10th out of 215 cities globally, Melbourne and Perth ranked 18th and 21st respectively.


According to Jones Lang LaSalle’s 2010 Global Real Estate Transparency Index Australia's real estate market is the least corrupt in the world. The level of transparency in a market is important to consider when investing in foreign real estate markets.


The Australia real estate market is not following the declining trends seen in many markets around the world. Prices have actually risen sharply by 3.1% in the June quarter 2010. Of the capital cities, Sydney had the highest increase at 4.9%, while Melbourne and Adelaide showed gains of 3.6% and 3.2% respectively.


House prices, tumbling international commodity prices, heightened turmoil in global financial markets and inflation (3.10% as for June 2010) act as a drag on the Australian economy.


According to the Australian Treasurer, Wayne Swan, GDP growth is expected in the following year. Australia's economy is improving rapidly, with more jobs being created, lower interest rates and greater investment. The twenty billion Australian dollars in cash hand outs has increased domestic demand and has lead to a prediction of economic shrinkage of only 0.5% in the months leading to June 2010. However GDP is expected to improve by 2.25% the following financial year.


Australia has been placed at number one in a list of the best countries in the world for property investment. The poll of global real estate investors by specialist groups discovered that a dip in the value of the Australian dollar and lower property prices had made the market an attractive one.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the weighted average house price index of 8 capital cities rose 3.1% from March 2010 to June 2010. Furthermore, overall, the index rose 18.4% from June 2009 to June 2010.


Raises in the official interest rate in Australia are due to growth in the Australian economy. This has been helped by high levels of public spending and improvements in private demand. The Reserve Bank of Australia has not raised its interest rate during the last couple of months, however coming months may see a 0.25% increase.


Foreign ownership of Australian real estate is permitted and can be across different property sectors:

i) As residential real estate for entrepreneurs living in or relocating to Australia;

ii) As commercial real estate to support your business activities in Australia; and

iii) For property investment to enhance global assets.


All foreign investment in Australian real estate must go through an approval process involving the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB). Guidelines apply to protect Australian citizens while at the same time allowing investment which benefits communities within Australia. For example, foreign investment is allowed in uncompleted new developments provided that the foreign owned component does not exceed half of any one development.


According to the 2009-2012 Residential Property Prospects report by BIS Shrapnel, average residential house prices in the Australia real estate market are forecast to rise as much as 22%. Among the capital cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide are forecast to show the strongest price growth at 19% over the next three years.


Taxes are payable when buying Australia property and selling Australia property. Rental income from owning Australia real estate is also taxable. Asia Property Consultants assists client with dedicated advice on accounting and tax matters related to Australian property.


Because of the current economic environment obtaining finance to support Australia real estate investment is increasingly difficult. Asia Property Consultants assists clients obtain property finance specific to their needs. In sourcing finance Asia Property Consultants works with leading international banks including Commonwealth Bank, ANZ Bank, DBS Bank and OCBC Bank.


Asia Property Consultants independently assists international property investors effectively and efficiently manage all aspects relating to the purchase and sale of Australia real estate. Our firm draws upon the latest residential and commercial real estate market information, enabling us to offer honest, reliable opinions on: i) Australia real estate cycles; ii) the current and future outlook for Australia real estate; and iii) expected interest rate and currency movements and their impacts on Australia real estate. In addition to our own experiences, our sources include statistics and forecasts from reliable, reputable sources including the Housing Industry Association (HIA), Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), RP Data and more.
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