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Buying Property In Asia


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Buying property in Asia can be a complicated process for foreign individuals. On behalf of our clients, Healy Consultants supervise agents, legal, tax and government tasks related to buying property in Asia. Healy Consultants represent the best interests of our clients with regards to buying property in Asia, with services including:
There are many opportunities for buying property in Asia. Asia offers a diverse range of properties from entry level properties for new investors to ultra luxury apartments in holiday destinations. Investment objectives can be based on location within Asia, rental yields, potential for capital appreciation and more. Healy Consultants works with clients to help achieve the agreed objectives for buying property in Asia.
Providing the necessary information to assist international entrepreneurs and investors involved in buying property in Asia, whether the purpose be for i) residential real estate if migrating to Asia, ii) commercial real estate to support business interests or iii) as a property investment to add to global assets.
Conducting country research for our clients to help them determine the optimum location for buying property in Asia, according to their investment objectives.
Managing the process of obtaining international mortgages to finance buying property in Asia. Healy Consultants works with leading banks including DBS Bank and OCBC Bank in Singapore, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and ANZ Bank to obtain competitive Asia property finance. Our firm will source and negotiate the terms and conditions on behalf of our client.
Providing professional tax and accounting advice specific to buying property in Asia. This ensures tax obligations are met according to each countries requirements.
Appointing and supervising a local lawyer to ensure all legal matters associated with buying property in Asia are undertaken correctly. As each market is unique and varies in terms of legal requirements and industry regulations, it is important to use the services of an experienced lawyer to help avoid complications that can waste time and money.
Implementing a range of property management services to save clients from these time consuming activities. Healy Consultants will project manage activities such as property refurbishment, finding tenants, property maintenance, obtaining appropriate property insurance, organizing property valuations and implementing property security.
While the current economic crisis around the world has reduced buyer sentiment in property markets, buying property in Asia can be an attractive option to investors. With Asia offering emerging markets along with easing of foreign investment restrictions, Asia could provide opportunities for stronger returns on investment than other parts of the world.
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