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Asia Real Estate
The popularity of Asia real estate, whether it be for residential or commercial investment purposes, has been helped by strong regional economic growth and significant appreciation in property prices. However, the current economic environment is putting downward pressure on the demand for Asia real estate. Following is information related to Asia real estate and the broad range of services provided by Healy Consultants:
Asia real estate offers good value compared with developed markets elsewhere in the world. With emerging markets such as Vietnam providing opportunities for acquiring property with a relatively low outlay, there are good prospects for high returns on investment.
Asia real estate is increasingly accessible to foreign investors, as many countries are easing restrictions on foreign individuals wishing to buy real estate. As an example, the Singapore Economic Development Board's (EDB) Global Investor Programme (GIP) is a government initiative which allows foreigners to gain permanent residency by investing in Singapore real estate, as part of a larger business commitment.
Foreign investors in Asia real estate for residential purposes are attracted to the region's improving quality of living. For example, Mercer Human Resource Consulting rates Singapore as the world's 32nd most livable country in its 2008 Quality of Living Survey. Other cities including Sydney, Melbourne and Perth also rank highly.
In addition to the traditionally strong Asia real estate markets of Singapore and Hong Kong, alternative markets are emerging. For example, real estate observers believe the long-term prospects for property investment in certain Thailand locations are healthy. Vietnam is another emerging market which is introducing new legislation in favour of foreign investment. Positive tourism figures in Asian locations, including the holiday destinations of Phuket and Bali, are one element to support the long term forecasts for Asia real estate markets.
The mortgage problems in the US and Europe have had an adverse impact on the real estate markets in those regions. Asia real estate is not in the same position as Asia markets have regulations already implemented after the 1997 financial crisis which help them avoid such issues. Higher up front payment is one example which helps avoid the risk of high credit issues.
To support Asia real estate investment, Healy Consultants assists clients with requirements for migrating within Asia. Requirements such as obtaining employment and residence visas for themselves and their families, organizing relocation services and assistance to familiarize themselves with their new country of residence are all services our firm will project manage.
Because cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong are leading global financial centres, a wide range of international mortgages are available to investors purchasing Asia real estate. Healy Consultants assists clients to locate a suitable regional bank offering a competitive international mortgage with world class banking facilities.
Healy Consultants provides a comprehensive range of property management services to assist international investors manage their assets.  Time and money can be saved by outsourcing requirements including arranging property refurbishments, finding tenants, property maintenance, organizing property insurance, arranging property valuations, implementing required property security measures and ad hoc problem solving.
Investors buying Asia real estate or selling Asia real estate are liable to pay taxes on property transactions. Healy Consultants provides professional advice on all accounting and tax-related aspects of Asia real estate.
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For more information on Asia real estate, please contact us at our Singapore office at (+65) 67350120 or email us here
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