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Property Management in Asia


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After buying real estate in Asia, international entrepreneurs benefit from our assistance relating to property management in Asia. Busy business executives and international property investors rely on Healy Consultants to effectively handle all aspects of property management in Asia on their behalf, whether for residential property or commercial property. Some of the ways in which we assist clients with Asia property management include:
Our property management in Asia services ensure owners have peace of mind with regards to their valuable property assets. Healy Consultants will source and implement vital services such as property security systems and property insurance.
Organizing the banking and budgeting requirements such as setting up personal and corporate bank accounts for collection of rental payments from tenants. Because of their stability, international banks in Singapore and Hong Kong are preferred when seeking international mortgages, and include DBS, OCBC, ANZ Bank and HSBC.
Locating and monitoring a reliable, reputable and efficient contractor to undertake all property management activities including maintenance, repairs and improvements to the interior and exterior of the property. This can be for general care of the property or to implement capital improvements for the property.
Managing all leasing requirements, which is a key function of effective property management in Asia. This includes i) appointing a reliable property agent to market the property ii) screening applications for tenancy and iii) managing the tenant contract processes.
General problem solving is a potentially time consuming area for international property investors and hence a valuable aspect of Asia property management. Our firm will efficiently project manage ad hoc issues to save property investors time and money.
When the time comes to selling property in Asia, Healy Consultants will manage the required processes such as i) organizing for property valuations ii) sourcing an experienced and reliable sales agent and iii) appointing a local lawyer to manage the legal requirements.
Healy Consultants provides comprehensive services for property management across Asia, including in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Bali, Vietnam and the Philippines.
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